4 Construction Details That Make a Difference


There are many different elements to consider when creating a home. Houses are complex to construct, but it comes down to the smallest details that determine the quality of the work. Luxury Home Builders in Tampa, FL want to create houses that are well-built and can stand the test of time. Here is a closer look at four construction details that make a difference both in terms of build quality and comfort.

Land Condition

The condition of the land that a house is built on is crucial to the outcome of the project. Every piece of land is slightly different, and builders need to understand what makes each piece of land unique.

There are two main issues to look at: ground and soil conditions, as well as foliage. Ground conditions determine things like drainage and how hard it is to maintain foliage. The plants found on the property are important in that trees provide shade and affect how comfortable your house is. However, they can also be a threat if not properly maintained. All of these factors have to be considered to determine where to place the house.

Appropriate Architecture Style

The design style of the home has a major impact on how comfortable and functional the house is. Modern home designs use more glass and other structures that require extra support, so it is important to design a structure with the proper structural integrity for the location it is being built in. Structural integrity is especially important when building on sloping sites or ones with clay or sandy soil because the weight of a building and all of its contents are concentrated in a small area, even on a gentle slope.

Plants on the Property

The plants on the property are important to consider. Trees are the main focus point. A house surrounded by tall healthy trees can get plenty of natural shade, which reduces cooling costs and can reduce wear on the house. However, trees can also be dangerous if they are not strong enough to handle the weather. All it takes is one falling tree to ruin a house.

Smaller plants can be just as serious of a problem. For example, climbing vines can look great on some houses, but they can also creep into the sides of the house and cause damage. It is important to understand what plants are on the property and grow in the area naturally to understand what possible problems or benefits they will be.

Building Orientation

The orientation of a building is also important as it lets builders take advantage of things like sunlight and rainfall. Many houses are designed to take advantage of sunrise and sunset positions relative to the windows on the house so that they provide light, but not during the hottest times of the day.

It is the small details that make the biggest difference in home construction. If you have questions about building new homes, contact a luxury home builder in Tampa like Alvarez Homes to learn more.

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