Green Home Decorating Tips

People are becoming increasingly more conscientious of their carbon footprint. Many would prefer to select interior design products that are better for the environment, but also want to ensure their home is beautiful and a reflection of their lifestyle. One way to reduce your carbon footprint is by choosing a green custom home builder in Tampa to create the home of your dreams and decorate it using green home decorating principles. When looking to decorate your new custom home with eco-friendly and sustainable decor, remember the three “R’s” of green home decorating: reduce, refinish, and repurpose.


One aspect of green home decorating is to reduce your list of wants in terms of interior decor. By reducing your want list, you can reduce the possibility of purchasing items that you and your family will not use. Are the items that you are considering a want or a need? If they are a need, consider using items that are produced sustainably, are recyclable, and made from recycled materials.


Do you have older furniture that you love, but does not fit well into your new home’s decor? Instead of selling or throwing it out, consider having it refinished to match your new design style. Refinishing helps to transform old, tired furniture quickly and add a new, unique look to any room. Also consider using paints that are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are eco-friendly, safe and natural paints made of plant oils, extracts and minerals.


With green home decorating, your old furnishings can find a new purpose in your home. Unique glass bottles and jars can be used throughout your home as chic vases, old coffee tables can be turned into sleek and attractive ottomans and benches, and concrete planters can be used as side tables to add a cool, modern feel to your living room. By repurposing your furnishings, you eliminate waste, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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