Luxury Homes in Clearwater, FL

Finding a Dream lot for your dream home

Looking to build your dream luxury home in Clearwater, FL? Before we break out the nails and hammer, let’s first talk about where your home will be built. When it comes to building a dream home, many people don’t realize that one of the most important aspects of what makes a house a home is the lot upon which it is built.

Before purchasing a piece of land to build a new luxury home in Clearwater, FL, we recommend taking the following items into consideration.

Where is the Property Located?

One of the most important factors in making a decision about purchasing a property is its location. Would you prefer your home to be located in the heart of the city, in a designated neighborhood, or do you envision your home tucked far away from the city lights overlooking the soft, white shores of a beautiful, serene private beach? It is also important to pay attention to the elements outside the property. Is there potential for a busy road to be built nearby? Is there a railroad nearby that may hinder your future sleeping habits? These are all very important things to pay special attention to when considering a property for your home.

What is the Shape and Size of the Property?

It is important to take note of the shape and size of the property to ensure that your home will fit exactly how you envision it looking, exactly where you want it. Oddly shaped properties can cause issues with setbacks and can also cause issue with access for construction workers and their machinery.

Is the Property Developed or Undeveloped?

When considering a piece of property for your new luxury home in Clearwater, you must decide whether you want to build on developed or undeveloped land. Developed land is land that has been prepared for building. Undeveloped land has not been prepared for building. Meaning, that the property owners would be responsible for any utilities including electricity, water, and gas that have not already been brought to the property. This decision can have a significant impact on the construction budget, since the cost of developing land can be quite extensive depending on where the property is located.

Are there Any Zoning Restrictions?

Zoning laws control the type of construction that can be performed on any particular property, if any can be done at all. When considering a piece of property, it is imperative to know that the land is zoned for residential building before making a commitment to purchase.

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