Popular Luxury Home Building Trends in 2018

As technology and trends change, the features in luxury homes are evolving as well. In this article, we will discuss a few of the key elements homeowners are implementing into their luxury home designs in 2018.

To create your luxury home, you should begin by hiring a custom home builder at Avila in Tampa that is committed to the quality of design and construction of your dream home. When you work with an exclusive custom home builder, they will not only make your dream home a reality, they will also keep you up to date on the latest design trends that you may want to consider featuring in your luxury home. Here are a few of the most popular trends in 2018.

Sophisticated Outside Living Areas

Many luxury homeowners are taking the elegant design features traditionally reserved for their interior living space and implementing the concepts outdoors. In Florida, with pool season being featured pretty much year-round, many homeowners desire a fully functioning kitchen flanking their pool rather than a traditional pool deck. Whether it’s a grilling station, wet bar, or fire pit, the concept is to create highly sophisticated furnished living areas outside of the home that align with the interior design as well.

Everything Eco-Friendly

It’s always a goal to reduce our carbon footprint while creating immaculately designed homes. Green rooftops on skyscrapers are becoming a requirement for many major cities across the United States. Similarly, vertical gardens are beginning to grace many lounge areas of hotels, airports, and office buildings as well. This green concept is also being applied to many luxury homes. Homeowners can combine the elegance of their interior space with the features of the outdoors. In other words, the traditional sunroom in Florida will soon be featuring green walls or can even be a furnished, screened-in outside garden.

Smart Houses for Convenient Living

As internet technology and cloud-based systems continue to develop, we are seeing more and more ways in which these groundbreaking, digital applications are being transformed into many aspects of home living. From smart refrigerators that keep us informed of what we need to add to our grocery list to controlling the lighting, HVAC, and home security details when we are away from our abode with our smartphone, luxury homes are only incorporating more and more cloud-based technology and advanced digital applications to make our domestic needs easier to manage.

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