4 Reasons to Consider Using Cork in your Home

Environmentally Friendly Choices


As responsible home builders in Tampa, we are constantly looking for new ways to make our homes more eco-friendly through integrating sustainable and green alternatives wherever possible. One sustainable material that offers a wide variety of uses is cork. Cork is growing in popularity among builders and interior designers, and can be found in flooring, accent walls, and everything in between. Cork also comes in a wide variety of textures and colors, so aesthetically it is also great for decorative accent pieces.

Here are some important reasons to consider using cork in your home, according to our Tampa home builders at Alvarez Homes and Alvarez New Concepts.

1. Sustainability

Cork is an attractive choice when looking for environmentally-friendly materials because it is highly renewable. Unlike some types of trees that must be cut down in order to be harvested, the outer bark of the cork oak tree is harvested by hand without damaging the tree itself. Cork trees have additional benefits to the environment, because when harvested regularly, the trees absorb five times more CO2 than they would otherwise.

2. Insulated

Cork acts as a natural insulator and can help lock in heat during the winter months making your home more comfortable and increasing energy efficiency. The material also acts as a natural sound barrier and because of its soft surface, creaky floors and loud footsteps will be a thing of the past.

3. Versatile

When cork was first introduced, it was most commonly used as an alternative flooring option, but now its uses can be seen throughout the entire home. Cork is becoming a go-to material among many interior designers and home builders in Tampa for creative decor such as accent walls, dining room tables, storage bins, light coverings, countertops, floor mats, and more.

4. Durable

Another reason to consider using cork in your home is its durability. Cork can last up to 50 years before being replaced. It is also more scratch resistant because of the buoyancy of it softer surface making it not only last, but maintain its look and feel over time.

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