5 Interior Design Trends To Watch For In 2016

Ready to decorate your new home? Looking to give your old interior a spruce up? As your Tampa luxury home builders, we’ve done our research to help you discover what the new design trends will be for 2016. Get ready, set, decorate!

1. Using Artisan Goods

Everything from tassels, basketry, macrame, crochet, and weaving will be very popular next year. All locally made and globally crafted goods will soon fill people’s homes. For example, try a new Moroccan rug in your living room, or a sculpture from the Philippines in your foyer. When decorating, it’s easier to start small. Adding a few pieces of hand-thrown pottery or sculptures to a coffee table is a good place to start. Pottery lamp bases are great additions to any room, as well as hand woven throw rugs.

2. Minerals Are All The Rage

Pyrite bowls on countertops, quartz chunks on coffee tables, and different kinds of unpolished semi-precious stones used as bookends will start to make their appearance next year. Minerals that have color and texture will pop in a room that is sleek and modern. A slice of stalactite will give off a more rugged look, try placing on it bookshelf or countertop. Be mindful of symmetry when decorating with minerals. If your room is round themed, circular objects typically sit well with it. Add a cube to a circle, and the whole thing could fall apart.

3. Geometric Tiles

Though decorative back-splashes have been popular for quite some time, the new trend popping up will be geometric patterns in fluid movement. These will most likely be seen with cement and wood. The kitchen is a perfect room for geometric tiles. Using 3D ceramic tiles or wood here, best paired with neutral colored walls.

4. Metals And Metallics

With the 1950s coming quickly back into style, interior design is hot on their trails. Midcentury Mod will be coming into style with brass, gold, and metallic finishes. There will be plenty of retro designs coming into play in the next year. Nickel, stainless steel, and chrome are some of the better metal choices to use when decorating your home.

5. Sustainable Products

Sustainable products are becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. As your custom home builders in Tampa, we know you’ll see plenty of recycling, repurposing, reinventing, and reusing products to decorate your home. Cork is one of the more popular sustainable products to use in your home. From flooring to countertops, you’ll see a lot more cork in the future.

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