Choosing The Right Exterior Color Palettes

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At Alvarez Homes, we want our homebuyers to be able to display their style by choosing the right exterior color palette for their custom home. From bold to classic, we want homebuyers to be inspired by these exterior palettes and showcase their homes with eye-catching curb appeal.

Taupe, Beige, Brown, and Dark Red

For homebuyers looking for an attention-grabbing color scheme, this is the perfect one. For more of an earthy look, we recommend choosing muted versions of the aforementioned colors to give a warm, sun-baked look.

White, Taupe, and Olive Green

As custom home builders in Clearwater, we recommend this exterior color scheme for homebuyers that are going for the Classic American Home style. For example, homes that have covered front porches, stucco, and steep roofs will all go along nicely with these natural colors.

Black and White

The black and white color combination is the most classic of all the color schemes, and will never go out of style. This color palette is used mostly for homebuyers looking for a traditional style in their home.

White, Ivory, and Aqua

As luxury home builders in Clearwater, we know that this particular group of colors is perfect for homebuyers who are designing a symmetrical custom home. These colors work best when trying to portray elegance and formality. The white paint should be the main color of the home, with an outline of ivory. A bright, aqua painted door will spotlight the elegant entryway and make the rest of the home appear softer.

Grey, White, and Turquoise

Grey, white, and turquoise bring together a sophisticated and elegant look. We recommend homebuyers choose a blue-grey color for the house, and accompany it with a white trim. Bring the look full circle with a dark turquoise color to complement the grey.

Brown, Grey, And Yellow-Gold

Brown, grey, and yellow-gold will help custom homes display a warm and minimalist look. With this neutral palette, we suggest that the lightest brown covers most of the home, to let the darker accent colors highlight the architectural style of the home.

Beige, Cream, And Dark Blue

Homebuyers looking to accentuate their Spanish-style home need to look no further. Beige, cream, and dark blue will make any home pop. If there is a pool in the backyard, the blue will pick up the tones of the water and make it stand out even more.

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