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Alvarez New Concepts, the most recent addition to the Alvarez family of companies, was established to deliver a new class of luxury focused on energy efficiency and green technology. While maintaining the incredible detail and distinguishable style of the award winning company, Alvarez New Concepts goes a step beyond excellent design to be a leader in sustainable home building.

Bobby Alvarez, who founded the company in 1983, views eco-friendly design as the future of homes, as it combines environmental responsibility, cutting-edge technology, and luxury. From rain harvesting systems to recessed LED lighting, every inch of an Alvarez New Concept home is designed with energy conservation in mind.

Benefits of Choosing an Energy Efficient Home Builder in Tampa

Our green home builders in Tampa will provide a luxurious living space designed to your specifications. Additionally, you will have pride knowing that you are contributing to energy conservation, while also receiving the unique benefits that coincide with green home living.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The amount of greenhouse gases emitted to support a person or group’s everyday activities is known as their carbon footprint. Electricity used in the home makes up 16% of the national carbon dioxide emissions each year. When choosing a green home builder in Tampa, weatherizing alone will lead to an estimated 4,000 pound reduction in CO2 emissions per household.

Lower Utilities and Energy Cost

From 2013 to 2014, residential electricity cost rose by an average of 3.2% nationwide, which was the biggest rate increase since 2009. A home designed to reduce waste and increase efficiency will lower your energy bills by approximately one-third. Living in an energy efficient home will save you money by using less electricity. State-of-art technology, such as an eco-friendly HVAC system will further increase efficiency and lower maintenance cost.

Tax Incentives

Along with lower utility costs, you can also benefit from tax incentives resulting from building or renovating a home with energy-saving technology. While the specific tax credits sometimes change, they often include deductions for items such as energy efficient insulation and exterior doors and windows.

As you can see from the benefits, Alvarez New Concepts proves that living in luxury can also mean smart living, too.

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