Interior Design Secrets: Ingredients for a Beautiful Home

(Part 1)


When properly executed, a beautifully decorated interior can create an environment that showcases the family’s personality in a subtle and creative way. While this task may sound simple, there are three secrets to interior design that will help ensure you capture the perfect amount of creativity and personality.

  1. Function
  2. Mood
  3. Personality

These three ingredients are the secrets to interior decorating success. We’ll discuss these three in more detail in this two part series.

Before we start the interior design process of building one of our custom homes in Clearwater, FL, we recommend analyzing your family and your lifestyle. Look through magazines and decorating websites for inspiration or ideas that you may want to incorporate into your new home. This is the beginning of a building a well-planned and decorated home.  Next, you will want to take into account function.


While decorating is commonly looked at as something that is done to bring visual interest to a home, professional builders of Clearwater custom homes know that function also plays a significant role. Here are a few things to pay special attention to:

Focal Points

Most rooms will have a natural focal point, an area of the room where the eye naturally travels to upon entering a room.  Depending on the layout of the room, this could be a fireplace, a bay window, or maybe some custom woodwork that was added to bring character to your home. If the room does not have a natural focal point, this can be created by adding a colorful area rug or artwork.

Furniture and Arrangement

Does the furniture meet your usage requirements? Is it too big, to small, not useful? If it’s not meeting your needs, replace it with something that is more appropriate. The larger pieces of furniture are typically directed toward the focal point of the room, and positioned so that major traffic patterns remain open. For filler pieces, it is recommend to maintain balance between high and low pieces as well as heavy and light ones around the room.


The lighting selection that you choose for your rooms should depend on the room’s. For example, rooms that may be used for watching TV, general conversation, or reading may require varying levels of lighting such as a table lamp for an indirect, subtle brightening of the room, while accent lighting such as floor spots or recessed lighting enhance texture, color, other room details.

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