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If you want to change your home what are your options? You can choose to renovate, remodel or rebuild. At Alvarez Homes, a Tampa home builder, we are experienced builders who can help you pick the best options.

First, it is important to recognize that renovating and remodeling are two separate things. Often, the words are used interchangeably, but in the housing industry, they have two separate functions. A third option is to rebuild your home completely.


To renovate means to restore something to good condition, or make it like new. In the housing industry, that means updating the look of something without changing it structurally. Replacing the water fixtures, updating the lighting, even redoing the floor are all considered standard renovations. These things make your house look like new but don’t physically alter the state of the house.

Why Renovate?

Renovation is chosen often because it is a more cost effective route for people on a budget. It also keeps the original design of the house. If you like the spaces you live in, but want them to look fresher and like new, then renovating your house is for you.


To remodel means to reconstruct or make something over again. In housing terms, that means changing the original design of a property. Taking down a wall or two, removing and replacing old cabinets and adding another room are all considered remodel jobs. These things take the original design of the house and alter it in some way.

Why Remodel?

Remodeling is an option for people who may want to eventually sell their house. Remodeling takes a house that may be similar to others in the neighborhood and makes it look different. It is also great for people whose needs have changed since they bought their house. If your current spaces are not efficient for your needs, then a home remodel may be the better solution for you.


To rebuild means to repair something, especially by taking it apart and assembling it again with new materials. In the housing industry that means demolishing a house and starting over again. This involves creating a new design, removing the old house and building something different in its place. This provides for an entirely new home on the same piece of property.

Why Rebuild?

Rebuilding is an option for people who may not necessarily love the home they are in but love the lot or neighborhood. This is a popular option in older areas where space is at a premium but the houses are dated or are not in good shape. This option also works well for people whose needs have shifted since buying the original property or who want to replace an existing house. If you are looking for something completely fresh, but would like to remain in the same area, then rebuilding your house is the best option for you.

A Tampa FL home builder can help you decide which option is the best for your situation. You spend a great deal of time in your home, so it’s important for you to love the way it looks.

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