Roofing Material Options for Your Custom Home


When choosing to build your dream home with a Clearwater custom home builder, such as Alvarez Homes, homeowners have the freedom to choose the materials they prefer to use for their home’s roof. From natural materials like slate and wood to manmade products such as asphalt, sheet metal, and plastic polymers, there are a variety of roofing materials that are available to custom home owners, each coming with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. We will outline five of the most common options below.

1. Composite or Asphalt

Composite shingles, also known as asphalt shingles are a popular choice among home owners who choose to build a custom home. This type of roofing material is made of a fiberglass mat topped with asphalt and mineral granules. Some of the advantages of choosing to use a composite or asphalt material for your roof is that they typically come with 20 to 30 year warranties, are fire resistant, relatively inexpensive and easy to replace.

2. Terra Cotta, Clay & Concrete

Terra cotta, clay and concrete tiles are a non-combustible and extremely durable roofing material that offers elegant, enduring aesthetics for your home’s design. Due to the weight of this material, however, a reinforced roof frame is often required. These roofing materials are known for their versatility and energy saving and cooling features. Clay and concrete roofing tiles are available in a variety of shapes and colors, which can reflect upwards of 50% of the sun’s solar energy.

3. Slate

Slate is a natural, durable, and both fire and wind-resistant roofing material that gives a home an elegant and distinctive look. Similar to terra cotta, clay, and concrete roofing materials, slate is a very heavy material and also requires a reinforced frame. Some of the benefits beyond the aesthetics of slate roofs include that it is easy to repair and recycle, long-lasting, low maintenance and provides natural cooling features.

4. Metal

While relatively more expensive than other roofing materials, metal roofs lasts longer and are more wind resistant. Metal roofs are available in a variety of hues including copper, aluminum, and stainless steel, and offer a number of benefits to home owners. Some of these benefits include their resistance to adverse weather, high insulation solar reflectance, durability, and longevity. Metal roofs are a good alternative for homeowners who are looking for a more environmentally friendly roofing solution.

5. Wood

Wood shingles and shakes provide a unique look to custom homes. Commonly made from cedar, redwood, southern pine or other rot-resistant woods, wood shingles and shakes help to give a home a more rustic and cottage style feel. While this roof material can add a great deal of character to a home, it has a short life span, requires periodic maintenance, and has a tendency to rot, split, and mold. Additionally, since many wood roofing products are Class C rated or or no rating for fire resistance, it is recommended to speak with your Clearwater custom home builders before deciding on this type of roofing.

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