Luxuriously Healthy, Efficient, and Convenient Living

Smart Construction

Alvarez New Concepts custom homes are the next step in healthy, happy living. These next generation homes apply forward-thinking, smart construction techniques, materials and architectural design to make luxury energy efficient, technologically advanced and structurally strong. Designed from the ground up to be smarter, stronger and more eco-friendly, our custom smart homes enhance the quality of life to your lifestyle at home. And if we say a home is “certified” it means that a qualified, third-party representative from the specific certification organization has verified and designated the house as meeting their strict standards.

  • Efficient

    The Energy Star® Seal of Approval

    Each and every Alvarez New Concepts custom-built home meets the strict energy efficiency standards of Energy Star requirements. Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to set construction standards to help homeowners save on energy costs while protecting the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

    For you, our Energy Star designation means:

    • Your home will deliver high performance and ease of use for years to come.
    • You have energy efficient choices, cutting energy bills by approx. one-third.
    • Your home generates fewer greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Your home is more durable and requires less maintenance than standard builds.
    • You are eco-friendly with zero sacrifice of luxury, amenities or comfort.
  • Healthy

    FGBC Certified Green Home Designation

    All Alvarez New Concepts homes are custom built to be efficient and strong but also healthy. Our homes carry the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC) Green Construction designation which sets the criteria and standards for any Florida home, new or existing, to be designated green.

    By choosing to build green we are offering you options to reduce the burden on the environment and add value to your home while enjoying all available amenities.

    Our clients want their home to be earth friendly, affordable to operate, and healthy to live in. Alvarez New Concepts is focused on delivering this exception living experience for our clients and make it luxurious as well.

  • Strong

    Fortified to Safer Living® Standards

    The Fortified for Safer Living program’s standards are designed to increase a new home’s resistance to natural hazards and are standards our clients have the option to have their Alvarez New Concepts home custom built to.

    The Fortified program specifies construction, design, and landscaping guidelines to increase a new home’s resistance to natural, catastrophe-level perils most likely to occur in the area where the structure is located. Fortified criteria and recommendations exist for reducing damage caused by non-catastrophe-level perils such as fire inside the home, burglary, water loss, and electrical surge.

    For our Pinellas County beach custom home builds, we follow coastal construction standards (V Zone standards) that go above and beyond normal construction codes to address the specific weather and building concerns that come with coastal living.

  • Available

    The Future of Smart Home Building Available Now

    Alvarez New Concepts is making smart homes accessible and available right now. This homebuilding technique luxuriously and comprehensively blends building materials, landscaping, technology, appliances, lighting, plumbing, heating and cooling, and site location to produce the next generation of living.

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