The Best Energy Efficient Designs for Your Custom Home

There are many benefits of working with the best custom home builders in Tampa, FL. For starters, when you build your own luxury home, you have full control of the design, the signature rooms that will be featured, and the home’s location. Another benefit to building your own custom home is that you can integrate the latest technologies into the home. In this brief article, the luxury home builders at Alvarez Homes will discuss how homeowners can enjoy greater energy efficiency in their custom home.   

Homeowners are motivated to have energy-efficient homes for a variety of reasons, including saving money and reducing their environmental impact. With many recent technological advancements, homeowners can enjoy these three upgrades throughout their home. 

1) Controlled Lighting

As homeowners spend most of their time at home indoors, controlled lighting remains the most common area of improvement that homeowners look to make. Generally, the areas of the home that benefit most from lighting are the kitchen, dining space, and living spaces of the home. The easiest way to achieve better controlled lighting for your home at a reduced cost is to utilize natural daylight with windows, shades, and blinds. A custom home builder will build your home south-facing so that the sun naturally pours into these living spaces. Of course, skylights and solar tubes are also good options.

2) Controlled Temperature

Second to controlled lighting, controlling temperature settings is another common area where homeowners want to improve their energy efficiency. According to experts surveyed in a 2019 report on energy-efficient design trends, advanced envelope technology is expected to see a significant increase in popularity over the next five years. The concept involves installing energy-efficient upgrades that can successfully seal against air and thermal transfer. This includes exterior wall insulation like fiberglass batt insulation, energy-efficient single-pane windows, and structural insulated panels (SIPs) that can be inserted in roofs, walls, and floors. 

3) Appliance Upgrades

Many homeowners either want to avoid traditional wasteful appliances or upgrade to the newest and most energy-efficient appliances. Whether it’s as simple as adding a smart refrigerator into the floorplan of your kitchen or you are interested in a home that features a hybrid home water heater or solar photovoltaic panels on the roofing system, the luxury home builders at Alvarez can accommodate any of your smart home needs and seamlessly integrate these features into the elegant design of your luxury home. 

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