Wellness Amenities in Luxury Homes

Wellness is taking center stage in the luxury home market. Homebuyers are taking an increased interest in amenities that make them feel luxurious, instead of what only appears luxurious from afar. In this article, we will be detailing the luxury home amenities that focus on wellness, fitness, and tranquility. If you are interested in an exceptional custom living experience that incorporates these concepts, contact Alvarez Homes, a luxury home builder at Avila in Tampa.

Yoga Studio

Physical wellbeing is paramount for achieving overall wellness. As a result, luxury home designers are beginning to think outside the box when it comes to physical fitness. Yoga studios are becoming as common as fitness centers as the go-to room in a luxury home to burn off steam and calories. From luxury vinyl to hardwood flooring, there are numerous design options that will depend on the intensity of your workouts. Whether you have a weight rack or yoga mat, we can build for your needs.

Lighting and Living Systems

Your body is as much a temple as your home. Circadian lighting, air purification, and water filtration systems can be incorporated into the design of your custom home. But sometimes there’s no substitute for the real thing; artificial lighting will never be able to mimic Florida sunshine. Having natural light stream through floor-to-ceiling windows is the easiest way to create a warm, inviting space that will set your mind at ease.

Nature that Nurtures

There’s nothing natural about a pool that is in a perfectly square hole in the ground. For homebuyers that want to be transported to far-off lands whenever they step outside, a lagoon-style pool complete with a waterfall and spa can be a tropical paradise in the heart of Tampa. Alternatively, a private zen garden can be the perfect location to quietly reflect on your day while being surrounded by the most relaxing of elements.

Wellness-focused homebuilding doesn’t stop at appearances. Many of our clients are interested in green construction not only to reduce environmental impact but also to improve their quality of life. Non-toxic paints that align with your mood, energy efficient water heaters and appliances, sustainable construction methods, and solar panels can all be incorporated in the creation of your home.

Putting Your Wellness First

As a builder of luxury homes at Avila in Tampa, we understand that wellness amenities must be tailored to the needs of the homeowner. Designing a home with wellness in mind is the only way to ensure that your home achieves optimal wellness. To ensure that your wellness needs are put first and reflected in the design of your luxury home, contact Alvarez Homes, the premier luxury home builder at Avila in Tampa.

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