Where Can You Build a Custom Home?


Building custom homes in Tampa, FL is exciting. You get the chance to finally build your dream home. The building process has steps to it that you need to follow. One of the earliest steps is finding the right location, but there are more options than you may realize. Here is a deeper look at where you can build a custom home

Open Lots in Communities

One of the most common places to build custom homes in Tampa is an open homesite in in a neighborhood or master-planned community. When neighborhoods are built, they may not have every lot filled. You can buy this open space and build your home on it.

There is a distinct advantage in doing this since the infrastructure is already in place. There are water and sewage lines, power lines, and roads already there. All custom home builders in Tampa have to do is connect your new house to them. This helps keep your budget smaller so that you can put more into designing and building your home.

Private Land

You can build on private land if you prefer. Private land is a more expensive option, but it does come with benefits. Depending on how secluded the land is, you could pay a significant amount to have your house connected to the closest utilities. Construction costs may be higher as well given the extra distance traveled to the worksite.

The biggest advantage to building on private land is privacy. Since you are located further away from anyone else, your property is more secluded from others. If you value your privacy, then this may be the better option for you.

Beachfront Property

If you have a beachfront property, then this is a good option as well. In the past, homeowners were allowed to build on their own land as long as they maintained public access. This was changed as it stopped being profitable for private landowners. Now the only legal way to build on your property is through a process called expropriation.

In this process, government officials come and seize your property and give it back to you after it is finished and there are no legal claims against the land.

Building permits are extremely hard to get unless you are able to do it through expropriation. This process can take years, but the end result is that you are rewarded with your land back plus a new beachfront home.

Partner with Customer Home Builders in Tampa

Working with customer home builders in Tampa is the best way to find the right location for your custom home. Choose Alvarez Homes for access to the best team of custom home building experts in the Tampa Bay area.

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