Design Your Dream Luxury Kitchen with Alvarez Homes

The kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home, and you deserve to be able to enjoy a perfectly designed kitchen for you and your needs. Whether you prefer a unique, avant-garde look or value a timeless and highly functional space, Alvarez Homes, the leading builder of luxury homes in Davis Islands, can help make your dreams a reality.

We stay up-to-date on all the latest trends in home design and can help you bring all of your ideas to life.

Stunning Stone Slabs

Granite and marble stone slabs have been a beloved countertop trend for many years, but recently, homeowners have been gravitating towards large slabs in their kitchens. Stone slabs have become even more popular from entire island surfaces to a feature wall. Naturally water-resistant, stone slabs are gorgeous and offer easy cleanup.

With Alvarez Homes, your custom homes builder in Davis Islands, you can design your custom stone slabs, wherever you’d like and however you’d like. When you work with us, you have your choice in luxury materials and can turn your kitchen into a masterpiece.

Secondary Kitchen Spaces

Many homeowners have been creating secondary kitchen spaces and butler pantries in their homes. From its pure functionality to its freeing space in your primary kitchen, there are many benefits to having a secondary kitchen space.

Secondary kitchen spaces can help maintain a clutter-free primary kitchen space without compromising square footage. They are also very convenient for preparing second courses, third courses, and desserts without disrupting a dinner party.

Functional Double Islands

For the designated family chefs and hosts, double islands provide much-needed counter space. From more seating space in the kitchen to having twice the food preparation room, they can help increase the functionality of your kitchen.

You have complete design freedom over your double islands and can turn them into beautiful focal points for your kitchen. Work with Alvarez Homes, your builders for luxury homes in Davis Islands, and completely tailor your kitchen to your lifestyle and needs.

Designated Beverage Center

Another popular kitchen space feature is having a designated beverage area. Whether its use is for a specific wet bar area or a morning coffee corner, a beverage center is the perfect addition to your luxury kitchen.

If you enjoy a morning coffee or an evening martini, having a thoughtfully designed area specifically for beverages is quite convenient. Some popular additions include a wine refrigerator, an espresso station, and a boiling water spout.

Let Alvarez Homes Help to Make Your Kitchen Dreams Come To Life

We can make your dreams a reality. You deserve to have a kitchen that you love, and that serves you best. At Alvarez Homes, the top custom homes builder in Davis Islands, we will work with you to create and build your perfect home.

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