Summer Design Tips for Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

An outdoor fireplace with comfortable seating overlooks a blue swimming pool and water view

As the season of barbecues, dinner parties, and beautiful sunsets is in full swing, Tampa residents are ready to embrace the sunshine and make the most of their outdoor spaces. As the top custom home builders in Tampa, FL, Alvarez Homes has all the expert design tips you’ll need to transform your outdoor entertainment area into a dreamy oasis.

From exquisite landscaping to chic furnishings, these ideas will elevate your summer gatherings and help to create unforgettable moments for you and your guests.

1. Embrace the Tropical Landscape

One of the defining characteristics of Tampa’s allure is its tropical climate. We recommend embracing this natural environment by incorporating lush greenery and vibrant plants into your outdoor entertainment area. 

Palm trees, tropical plants, and colorful flowers will create an inviting atmosphere that adds elegance to your space. 

2. Create a Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Flow

As another top tip, we suggest incorporating large sliding glass doors or folding walls that open up to your patio or deck. This design feature blurs the lines between your indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a flow that allows guests to move effortlessly between the two areas. 

The expert interior and exterior designers at Alvarez Homes will provide suggestions that fit your unique style and beautifully connect your indoor and outdoor spaces.

3. Select Comfortable and Stylish Furniture

The key to a successful outdoor entertainment area lies in the careful selection of furniture that combines both comfort and style. 

Investing in high-quality, weather-resistant furnishings that withstand the elements while providing a cozy haven for relaxation is key to bringing the space together. Plush outdoor sofas, lounge chairs with soft cushions, and a stylish dining set will encourage your guests to savor the summer ambiance.

4. Outdoor Cooking and Bar Facilities

No luxury outdoor entertainment area is complete without a well-equipped outdoor kitchen and bar. Some of the top features trending include a built-in grill, ample countertop space, and stylish storage for utensils and supplies. 

Some of our favorite touches include a cooler for wine and a refrigerator for other drinks and snacks. Summer dinner parties are even more fun when preparing and serving food in nature.

5. Incorporate Water Features

To heighten the sense of luxury and tranquility in your outdoor entertainment area, consider integrating water features. An eye-catching fountain or a gently trickling waterfall can add an element of relaxation and serenity, creating a soothing backdrop for your gatherings. Your Tampa custom home builder at Alvarez Homes will work with you to find the perfect water feature for your taste and space.

Build Your Dream Luxury Outdoor Entertainment Space with Alvarez Homes

When entertaining loved ones and friends during the summer, having a trendy outdoor entertainment space will set your gatherings apart. Incorporating stylish, modern features and amenities with comfortable seating will turn your backyard into a sanctuary, perfect for enjoying the Tampa summer. As the premier luxury home builders in Tampa, FL, the designers and builders at Alvarez Homes strive for perfection in making your custom home dreams come true.

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